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    Aluminum mesh shell


    The features of aluminum alloy selected by aluminum domes are light dead weight and corrosion resistance. Therefore, not only aluminum alloy is expansively applied in building structures, but also European and American countries apply a large amount of aluminum alloy domes in the top covers of storage tanks, waste water treating ponds and storage bins corrosive to steels.


    1. Adopting aluminum alloy domes and aluminum top covers, the structure is greatly reduced in weight, reducing the tank, pond and their basic load correspondingly. For example, dia. 30-60m aluminum top cover is 25%-90% lighter than steel top cover.


    2. Aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, thus the top cover of the aluminum domes is free from corrosion resistance disposal, saving corrosion resistance fees and indirect engineering fees. In the whole application period, it requires no maintenance, saving a lot of inspection and repair fees.


    3. The radiation heat reflected by the aluminum can be 95%, thus the application of aluminum alloy domes on the vault tanks can reduce the volatilization loss of volatile media.


    4. The strength of aluminum alloy at low temperature is higher than that at normal temperature, thus it is the ideal material in low temperature conditions. Therefore, adopting aluminum domes and head plates can save the heat preservation materials and fees to prevent low temperature brittleness in the whole application period. 

    The accessories on the top of oil tanks (such as platform, staircase, light hole, gauge hatch, column through device, etc.) can adopt aluminum alloy material after using aluminum alloy domes and head plates, which can be designed and made with domes synchronously.


    5. The aluminum alloy top covers are connected with the U-bar reversed on the storage tank wall through the stainless steel support on the dome, guaranteeing the sealed connecting of aluminum and steel by virtue of the special sealing structure and increasing the stability of tank wall plates.


    6. Applied in buildings, the aluminum domes can be designed and manufactured according to the technical parameters and requirements provided by the practical engineering.


    7. Triangular domes have its unique safety besides of the common properties of above domes


    1) High safety factor and reasonable structure. The drawing above shows that the aluminum skin can bear 15 people in a triangular mesh.

    2) The dome aluminum cover plate skin can both bear gravity and release the super pressure in the tank to be damaged partially firstly, effectively protecting the dome on the top of tank and the whole structure of oil tank from influence.

    3) Long service life. The aluminum domes above 30 years old abroad are still being used. The dia.60 aluminum domes in our factory are running normally for many years.

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